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It has been a pleasure serving Los Angeles for over 2 years.  I have moved out of state.  Please click on the link above to contact Moe of No Hassle Notary.  I have worked with them almost the whole time I did business in LA.  They are reliable and provide their services at a great value.

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I am constantly looking for new ways to be of service.  Currently I am able to provide:

Document Printing
Courier Service

Discounts for multiple signings (i.e. mortgage packages, immigration forms, trust documents, etc.)

These are available only in conjunction with a Notary signing, and may incur an additional fee.  Notarizations incur a fee of $15 per signature (a single document may have multiple signers or a single person may have to have a signature Notarized on multiple separate pages).

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An acknowledgment is usually performed on documents related to ownership of assets, which can include real property deeds, powers of attorney, and trusts.

For an acknowledgment, the signer must appear in person at the time of notarization to be positively identified and to declare (“acknowledge”) that the signature on the document is their own, it was willingly made, and the provisions in the document are intended to take effect exactly as written.

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A jurat is usually used for evidentiary documents critical to the operation of our civil and criminal justice system. This may include affidavits, depositions, and interrogatories. For a jurat, the signer must appear in person at the time of notarization to sign the document and to speak aloud an oath (to a higher power) or affirmation (on personal honor) promising that the statements in the document are true.  A person who takes an oath or affirmation in connection with an official proceeding may be prosecuted for perjury should he or she fail to be truthful.

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As part of almost all Notarizations, the signer must present valid, legal identification.  This is usually in the form of a state issued ID, like a Driver's License, or Passport.

If the signer has neither of these, there are other forms of identification which can be used.  Contact me to discuss these options if you believe you may need to use a different form of ID.

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If you need a notary, call Bowman Notary!  Tim is a lovely person and exceptionally knowledgable and professional.  He took the time to carefully review my documents with me to ensure I understood what I was signing.  His rates are very reasonable and I would hire him again in a second.  Highly recommended! -- Kathryn W. (Los Angeles)

Mr. Bowman was awesome, incredibly quick with his response, and lucky for us so close that he was able to show up in just a matter of minutes. He was very patient with a lot of questions I had about our document and politely drew boundaries when he could not legally answer. It's great having someone like him so nearby and will definitely recommend him to others in the neighborhood. -- John C. (Santa Monica)

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I am no longer in LA.  If you would like to message Moe of No Hassle Notary, you may use the form to the right.

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